Behind The Scene

My mama have ingrained in us since young to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

I love food – eating that is, always trying out food from different cultures. But because of my love for food, hunting food places with love ones & friends became a weekly past time.

2 years ago when my friend Prisca introduced me to Ayurvedic diet, only did I realised how much junk i put in my body. Busy lifestyle and hectic schedules did not help. When I came home from work, really exhausted, it was easier to have canned & frozen food on standby. Little did I know that those food fill my hunger, but does nothing to my body.  We are alive because of our life force. Fresh food with life force vs. processed food that can be kept for 3 years? Decision is yours, it’s your body.. Try to reduce instant noodles, flour products, instant noodles, canned food/drinks.. of course it was difficult to begin especially when I have cravings for sweet & junk once a month. And it can be overwhelming. What I did was changing my way of eating bit by bit.

Then my boyfriend’s comment shake my beliefs.. “You always emphasise on eating healthy, less oil, less salt, less sugar. fresh food.. but do you know what are the ingredients in the food you eat outside?” SO TRUE! I have no idea.. so begins my quest to learn to cook my own more often.. and it has been so fun and captivating!

I don’t have the patience for 1-2 hours of food preparation, so I always like to find short-cuts and easy recipes. QUICK & HEALTHY RECIPES, that is JUST AS DELISH!

That’s what I am here to share and hope I can inspire you to start spending more time in the kitchen!


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