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Chicken Kabsa

Rushing for time today, I decided to cook Chicken Kabsa. Learnt this recipe from Arabic friend, and it has been one of my favourite dishes to cook, because it’s so quick and delish!

Kabsa is an Arabic favorite rice dish popular in many Gulf countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates. Because Kabsa is really delicious, it became famous dish in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt

This is a chicken version of the Kabsa recipe, Shannon’s SIMPLIFIED version 🙂 Here I omitted the tomato, because I dont have it in my kitchen today. And I use brown rice, instead of white rice. When cooking brown rice, try to soak the rice for 1 hour before cooking. Or if you are like me, deciding to cook this recipe in the spur of the moment, add double the amount of water.

You can also replace chicken with Beef or Lamb Shoulder, the aroma of the red meat blended with the rice is is so good too!

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